About The Black Key

”The Black Key” is a webcomic created by artist Karla Ortega. It’s set both in London and in a fantasy world, where the impossible love, war, secrets and death are constant and painful struggles in the characters’s lives.
Genre: fantasy, romance, action/aventure , tragedy as well as comedy.


A king from the kingdom Donmor, took over the relic named ”The Black Key”. In his power , he unleashed an army that could only survive taking souls in butterfly forms. So he sent them to the kingdom Kanverlla. Their queen managed to protect her kingdom leaving peace. But with a limited time. Because The Black Key vanished along with its king.

Afterwards the key was found by a young lady named Clemerh Grayce, who accidently freed the relic’s army. Now Clemerh is forced to help Kanverlla along with a mysterious young man, to defeat the Dark Army that she had summoned. But no one believes in the posibility that such a delicate maiden of a golden cradle, can achieve such destiny.

Karla Ortega

I am a digital artist, self-taught. I discovered my passion for drawing at the age of six. In my beginnings I dedicated myself to illustrate my favorite characters of the cinema and video games, activity that led me to design my own concepts of characters to eventually develop the web comic of my authorship: “The Black Key”

Years of self-employment in my original work brought me as a reward my first job offer, as well as multiple freelancer jobs. I have also participated in multiple traditional and digital drawing competitions nationally and internationally.

I am currently studying the first years of my university career and working in Exodo Animation Studios in the area of concept-art and texturization. Reasons why I have ventured into new forms of artistic expression that will be useful to develop future projects.